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Non-resident Indian services

Manage your finances in India effortlessly from Oman

Manage your finances in India

If you're a non-resident Indian in Oman, stay connected to what matters most with accounts in both India and Oman.1 You can enjoy fee-free transfers to India and invest your money back home with our NRI services.

Ask us about our NRI services for Indian expats in Oman.

How our NRI services help you

  • Hassle-free account opening

    Open accounts in India from Oman with a single set of supporting documents.

  • Premier Family Proposition

    Automatic Premier status when you open an account back home for self, spouse, parents and children up to age 30.2

  • Global View and Global Transfer

    From a single view of your accounts in Oman and India, with Global Transfers you can make fee-free transfers between them in just 6 seconds.3

  • Overseas India 24/7 Help Desk

    Dedicated International Service Center available round the clock, to provide end to end solutions for your banking needs back home. Call the toll-free number 80077610.

  • Free airport transfers

    Enjoy free pick-up and drop-off once a year from major airports in India if you're a Premier customer.

  • Dedicated customer service

    Rely on our NRI help desk in Oman for any help with your account in India.

  • Great discounts and offers in India

    Discover airport lounge access4, restaurant discounts, access to select golf courses, cashback on film tickets, waiver on fuel surcharges, shopping offers and more.

Things you should know

You'll need to open and maintain a new HSBC current or savings account in Oman to enjoy all these features. If you're already a Premier customer in another country, then you'll automatically be eligible for a Premier Account in Oman and India.

Find out more

Request a callback so we can discuss your needs further.

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HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G.

Al Khwair Branch

P.O. Box 1727, PC 111, CPO, Seeb, SULTANATE OF OMAN

Working Hours – 8 am-2 pm (Oman Time)

Working Days – Sunday to Thursday

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Additional information

The benefits and features detailed on this website are subject to change from time to time.

You'll need to maintain accounts in both countries to be eligible for some of these benefits. If you close one of your accounts, you will lose some benefits. HSBC Oman will not be responsible for any account related issues for accounts held outside their jurisdiction.

As a feature of HSBC Premier proposition in India, Premier customers meeting Premier Eligibility (qualified Premier customers) in India can add their children (up to the age of 30 years old) or their parents who then can avail Premier benefits as part of the single Premier family relationship. Beyond the age of 30 years, any family member classified as “children” will need to individually meet Premier eligibility.

Global Transfers are effected instantly (typically within 6 seconds from submitting the required information) for supported currencies. Exceptionally, in circumstances outside of our control, it may not be possible to effect your transfer through Global Transfers, in which case you should contact our Customer Services to effect your transfer. Global View Global Transfer Terms & Conditions apply.